Leading retail companies to reduce plastic pollution

04 Sep 2019

Two of the largest retail markets in India are both working to solve one of the country’s rising issues – the elimination of single-use plastic packaging. Plastic pollution has become a major problem for India, with 70% of the plastic consumed being thrown out. Amazon and Walmart will be looking at ways of how to reduce plastic pollution in the country. 

On Wednesday, Amazon stated that non-recyclable plastic will not be used any longer in deliveries by June next year. The company looks to eliminate the use of ‘air pillows’ and bubble wrap, which are used to ensure that the product is delivered undamaged. Less than 7% of the current packaging is single-use plastic but Amazon wants to help in fighting climate change. Amazon India's vice president of customer fulfilment, Akhil Saxena stated, ‘This investment in protecting the environment ensures a triple win — it is good for our planet, good for our customers and community, and good for the business.’

Additionally, Walmart’s Flipkart had announced that it will be applying a similar plan to reduce single-plastic consumption. It said that it has lowered the use of such plastic in packaging by 25% throughout the past year and aims to have all of the packaging made out of recyclable material by March 2021. 

Moreover, the country’s government had previously applied pressure on companies. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, whilst giving his speech on Independence Day said that the country must take ‘strong first steps’ to see the consumption of single-use plastic reduce. He urged, ‘the start-up founders, technicians and industrialists to find ways to recycle plastic.’